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Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) is the preferred raw material for Polyester. Polyester was first introduced in 1951 and today it finds applications in all walks of life. Clothing, furniture, upholstery, containers, films are some of the major applications of Polyester.

Sr.No. Parameters SOP No. Unit Specification Result
1 Appearance PTAP/QCD/2501 N.A. + +
2 Colour in 2M KOH PTAP/QCD/2505 HU 10 Max. 5
3 Water PTAP/QCD/2504 wt. % 0.20 Max. 0.12
4 4- Carboxy Benzaldehyde PTAP/QCD/2502 wt. ppm 20 Max. 8 max.
5 Acid Number PTAP/QCD/2514 mg KOH/gm 675 + 2 Max. 674
6 Ash PTAP/QCD/2506 wt. ppm 10 Max. 4




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